Guide to Buyers.json & Its Implementation

Guide to Buyers.json & Its Implementation

Now that the new IAB Tech Lab’s initiative buyers.json is available for public commentary, it’s time to learn all details of its implementation.

In conjunction with its continuous efforts to combat fraud and increase the overall transparency of the supply chain in digital advertising, IAB Tech Lab has just lately introduced its newest initiative — buyers.json, currently available for public commentary.

According to the official announcement, the recently released buy-side transparency specifications should enable the faster identification of “bad actors’’ in the demand chain by publishers and supply side platforms.

However, the actual positive impact, as we expect, will become visible only upon their wider adoption across the global digital advertising ecosystem, hopefully, closer to Q3 — Q4 2021.

Check out the special guide to buyers.json on the AdPlayer.Pro blog and find out:

  • What is buyers.json and who is the specification designed for?
  • How are buyers.json and the OpenRTB DemandChain object similar to the previously introduced sellers.json specification?
  • How can the buyers.json initiative benefit the online advertising industry?
  • How to implement buyers.json on the ad system domain? And much more.



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