What you Should Know about Sellers.json Specification

What you Should Know about Sellers.json Specification & Its Benefits

Following the success of the previously launched ads.txt initiative, IAB Tech Lab published the three new technical specifications last year, all aimed at increasing the supply chain transparency, especially in the programmatic advertising niche.

Namely, one of those, i.e. app-ads.txt is designed for the mobile app owners, while the other two, i.e. sellers.json & OpenRTB SupplyChain object focus on the supply-side platforms and online ad networks.

In this respect, though the analysts admit the sellers.json specification may have its flaws, most industry players on the buying side believe its market-wide adoption can help mitigate mobile ad fraud and enhance transparency across the entire programmatic ad ecosystem.

  • What is sellers.json?
  • How does the SupplyChain object work?
  • How is sellers.json different from ads.txt in terms of implementation?

Check out the comprehensive guide on the AdPlayer.Pro blog and learn answers to all of your questions about sellers.json, OpenRTB SupplyChain object, and how their implementation can benefit digital advertising.



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