2019 online video advertising trends

Video Advertising Trends for 2019

3 min readNov 29, 2018

With this year’s Holiday season rapidly moving into high gear, it’s about time we outline major digital video advertising trends for 2019.

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Solid & Accelerating Trends

Video Ad Spend

Undoubtedly, the global video ad spending volume is continuously growing, and, more importantly, at an increasingly faster pace. Namely, according to Forrester forecasts, the annual video ad spend in the US will grow up to $102.8B by 2023 (from $90.7B in 2018).

Connected TV Advertising

As the battle amid the globally changing TV experience evolves and intensifies, gradually more publishers will be embracing connected TV advertising opportunities, and the CTV revenue share of ad-enabled VOD inventory will only increase in 2019.

Outstream Video Ads in Apps

Social media players and mobile app publishers will continue to look toward higher-value ad units, i.e. outstream in-app video ad formats, to drive monetization of their non-video content.

Transparency & Brand Safety, Fighting Fraud

Key Challenges:

In its June 2018 Global Media Charter, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) highlights major areas of concern to brand advertisers. These haven’t changed much over the past few years and include:

Key Initiatives:

IAB proves its determination to bring verification and viewability into play with its recent release of the stronger, VAST 4.1 iteration.

WFA is promoting advertisers’ principles to address major industry concerns, including:

  • Zero tolerance policy against ad fraud with mandatory compensation for breaches
  • Full disclosure demanded for pricing, trading, fees, placements, etc.
  • Third-party inventory verification & measurement as a MUST

Global industry groups, like Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB), JICWEBS, etc. take further actions against major industry issues.

For example, JICWEBS and TAG have already announced the upcoming alignment of UK and US anti-fraud and brand safety initiatives by the end of 2018 and 2019, accordingly.

Emerging Trends

In-Transit Video Inventory

In short, in-transit video inventory implies video ad delivery via travel operator’s offline apps, installed on customers’ devices (BYOD).

The main appeal of in-transit inventory to advertisers is their exclusive access to premium audience segments in a brand safe environment.


  • Easy access to premium audience
  • Limited competition
  • Higher engagement rates


  • Ad trading taking place prior to journey
  • Delayed ad reporting

Upcoming Trends: 5G

If compared to 4G, 5G is foreseen to be 1 000x faster, with 100x less latency, which can’t but drive further industry evolution, i.e. emergence of new video advertising formats, new smartphone hardware, etc.




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