Programmatic video ad trends for 2022

Programmatic Video Ad Trends for 2022

As programmatic video advertising continues booming in 2022, it’s the right time for businesses on the Buy and Sell sides to embrace existing and newly-emerged opportunities in this niche.

The new year has begun, yet one thing hasn’t really changed in the global digital ad ecosystem — programmatic video ads are still as hot as ever, and looks like their market share will only grow bigger in the next 12 months (per eMarketer).

Check out the brief AdPlayer.Pro guide to 2022 programmatic video ad trends on our blog and find out:

  • Which market segment will be dominating the programmatic landscape in 2022?
  • How does AI-powered tech benefit the programmatic CTV niche?
  • What are the emerging programmatic ad trends for 2022–2023? And much more.



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