Keys to the Automated Supply Chain Validation

Keys to the Automated Supply Chain Validation

Even though the introduction of ads.txt has been a huge success on the digital ad market, the specification has its vulnerabilities and limitations. Let’s see how the automated Supply Chain Validation service can help with those.

Back when IAB Tech Lab released the first draft of its ads.txt specification in 2017, the expectations towards the initiative and the potential effect of its market-wide adoption on the overall supply chain transparency were quite huge.

Well, now that 4 years have passed since, with a lot more specifications having been consequently introduced, including app-ads.txt, sellers.json and buyers.json, just to name a few, there’s still much room for improvement in this aspect.

Check out a comprehensive AdPlayer.Pro guide to the new IAB Tech Lab’s Supply Chain Validation service and find out:

  • What issues is the automated supply chain validation aiming to resolve?
  • What does the validation process imply?
  • What are the potential benefits of the new initiative for publishers?
  • What are its potential downsides?
  • How to apply for the automated supply chain validation? And much more.



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