Unleashing the Power of News-Related Editorial Inventory in 2020

How to Monetize News-Related Editorial Inventory in 2020

Oct 22, 2020

Unlike several years ago, news outlets are currently facing a steep rise in their reading audiences. And this unlocks exceptional monetization opportunities for their editorial inventory.

One thing is clear, people have been consuming more news in 2020, relying on digital news-related content to maintain connectivity with the world and stay informed.

More importantly, as the IAB research unveils, being advertised on a legitimate online news resource can actually increase readers’ trust in the brand itself, and even drive their purchase decisions.

Read the AdPlayer.Pro guide on our blog on how to seize monetization opportunities for publishers’ news-related editorial inventory in 2020 and find out:

  • Why is readers’ trust in legitimate news resources increasing?
  • How justified are brands’ brand safety concerns towards advertising on digital news outlets?
  • Which outstream video ad formats are growing more popular among publishers of news content? And more.




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