Five Years of AdPlayer.Pro

Five Years of AdPlayer.Pro: Key Highlights

Aiming to commemorate the company’s 5th anniversary, the AdPlayer.Pro team shares a brief look-back at the past five years of their business evolution.

While five years is just a short period of time for some businesses, AdPlayer.Pro has achieved a lot since its founding back in 2016. Our business has grown, our product ecosystem has significantly expanded, our team has reached 65 people, and more accomplishments are yet to come.

Browse the special “Five Years of AdPlayer.Pro in Review” infographic on our blog and find out:

  • How have the video ad serving volumes at AdPlayer.Pro changed over time?
  • Where are our key Supply partners located?
  • How have the AdPlayer.Pro products evolved?
  • How many product demos have our managers done since 2016? And much more.



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